Victim and Family Want to Know Why

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

The Chicago torture victim and his family are left dealing with the aftermath of his ordeal and find themselves asking, “Why would they do this?” So often I have found that when people ask questions, they actually already know the answer they just don’t want to face it because it’s unpleasant. No doubt if this person wasn’t found alive, they would be holding the all too familiar candlelight vigil and asking this same question. Why did this happen? How could they do this? Deep down inside they have to know the answer but facing that answer means agreeing with the Nazis and that would make you a horrible racist. For the sake of argument, Grandpa Lampshade will go ahead and provide the answers for this family as an act of public charity.

The aunt of a special needs teenager who was tortured for hours by four friends has told…

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