Mentally Ill Person Does a Crazy, Public Shocked


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In a National Socialist state, we would get the mentally ill the help they so desperately need. If they refused the help, there would always be the labor camp to keep them out of trouble.

Relatives and friends of a distinguished California teacher and early advocate for LGBT rights are reeling from her arrest in connection to a grisly triple homicide that wiped out a family of three last week.

6666                                                                                         Nobody could have seen it coming.

Ok ok let’s be fair, nobody looks good in a mugshot. Let’s take a look at it’s glamour shot.

7777                     …

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Ok Shitlords, Who Was It?

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One of you guys went on a successful IRL troll mission. I have to say, I’m proud.

Fliers telling white women not to date black men have been found on the campus of a Dallas university.


The fliers were discovered Sunday and are titled “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men.” The fliers include several incendiary claims including calling black men abusive and saying biracial children lack intelligence.

This is why our trolling is so effective: they have to report on it so they try to frame it with terms like “incendiary claims” when on some level or another everyone knows these are simply facts.

The same leaflet was also found this week at the University of Oklahoma and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and in September at the University of Michigan.

That’s right, Nazi shitlords are nationwide.

SMU condemned the message as “hateful” and says there’s no justification for hostility…

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Twitter Barreling Over the Cliff

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As you all know, I have been banned from Twitter multiple times. The last time after only three days. After the last time I figured it was time to move on, as I could see where this was headed. Now they are cranking up the ban machine and purging accounts right and left. This was always baked into the cake. Our opponents cannot oppose us with facts so they always wind up at trying to shut us up. However now we are seeing an acceleration in the shut downs. Part of this is retribution over Trump’s victory on November 8th. It’s no secret that we have used social media very successfully in getting our message out there even in the face of their attempts to marginalize and shut us up. Now that we have propelled Trump to the Presidency they are angry and lashing out in fear. Again, we knew from…

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If It’s Good For the Jews….

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The thing normies need to come to understand is this: Jews are only concerned with what is good for the Jews. That in and of itself is actually understandable, the problem comes in that they like to posture and pose as being one of us. As a result, you find Jews continually undermining what is in your own best interest because contrary to what you have been led to believe, they are not your best friend. Each and every time you will find, if it’s good for the Jews it’s bad for everybody else. 

A few weeks ago, a respected polling organization asked Israelis which candidate for president of the United States they supported. The results were startling: By a massive majority Israelis said they want Hillary Clinton to win.

Startling for who? I don’t find it surprising at all. When in doubt about where Jews stand on an issue…

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