ZOG Continues Trying To Escalate WWIII With Russia

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

Why is it the Jews seem to be bound and determined to kick off WWIII with Russia? Is it because the global financial system based on their usury schemes is getting ready to implode? Do they think everyone will be so busy killing one another that they can go ahead and genocide the Palestinians? Maybe they’re thinking this time, while we are demographically on the ropes they can go ahead and wipe out the Goyim for good? In all likely hood, it’s a combination of all of these because Jews just can’t help themselves when it comes to destroying our countries. 

The United States has deployed dozens of special forces troops to the Baltic region in recent months in a bid to lift the morale of anxious European allies who are suspicious of Russia, it was learned on Wednesday.

Ok so imagine you are sitting in a bar and you…

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