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I’ve pointed out many times that there is no way to fix our current situation under the very system that has got us here in the first place. It is no secret that I believe National Socialism is the best logical alternative among the ones we have to choose from. Now note, I said I think it is the best not the only. I would put Monarchy in second place and you can then go down the list with other variations of an authoritarian system that you might prefer. Still, I hear these shrill responses of “Muh Constitution!” and “Muh Freedums!” Now, a normal person might get discouraged with dealing with this day in and day out but luckily for all of white humanity, Granpda Lampshade has an immense amount of patience.


So let’s take a look at some of our current problems from a different standpoint: how do…

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What Does a Nazi Have to do to Make the List?

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sad-pepe-naziTFW you didn’t even make the top ten list of Jew haters. 

If there is one huge threat facing the world today, it’s the threat that another six quadrillion Jews could be gassed at any moment with bug spray in fake shower rooms and turned into lampshades, soap and hair mattresses. Do you know what is the number one factor that leads to this catastrophe? Any criticism of Jews…….ever. 

The US abstention from a recent vote against Israeli settlements at the UN Security Council topped the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s annual list released Tuesday of the 10 worst outbreaks of Jew-hatred and anti-Israel incidents.

Myself among others put in a lot of countless hours promoting Jew hatred and yet, we get BTFOed by the US abstaining from a non binding vote at the UN criticizing Jews building rat houses on Palestinian land. Boys, it’s time to up our game.

The Jewish…

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My Holocaust Problems


My Holocaust Problems

By Giuseppe Furioso


By Giuseppe Furioso

The Holocaust consists of three basic elements:

(1) Approximately six million Jews were deliberately killed.

(2) These killings were part of a state sponsored program on the part of the Third Reich whose ultimate goal was the total eradication of the Jewish people.

(3) The bulk of these murders took place in special death camps where the principal mechanism of execution was the homicidal gas chamber that utilized Zyclon B, a commercial pesticide whose active ingredient was hydrogen cyanide.

That the Third Reich possessed the technological and administrative means to carry out such a vast amount of killing there is little doubt. The Soviet Union with significantly inferior assets in these areas was able to kill far greater numbers of human beings. Furthermore, the armies of the Third Reich succeeded in killing at least ten million of…

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While the Adults Wait to Take Office, Obama Continues to Chimp Out

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One might wonder, wouldn’t Obama be making some sort of attempt to create a legacy for himself? However, you can’t underestimate the rage of a groid when it feels disrespected. So now we’re stuck in this stupid limbo, waiting for Trump to take office while this stupid monkey continues to fling feces all over the world stage. 

anime-facepalmWho the hell thought it was a good idea to elect an African for President?

Donald Trump has praised Vladimir Putin for not retaliating against President’s Obama’s sanctions for Moscow’s alleged hack of the presidential election.

I’ve seen a lot of hoaxes before but I have to say, this “Russians hacked the elections hoax” is the stupidest thing I think I’ve seen yet.

Trump said in a tweet that it was a ‘great move,’ adding: ‘I always knew he was very smart!’
The official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Washington quickly…

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Shocking News: Murdered Yoga Instructor was Muh Dicked

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By now, I’m sure you have all read the story of the DC Yoga instructor who was found murdered. Police were tipped off about who might of done it when they found a random dindu driving her car around. Well, as expected she was muh dicked. 

The man accused of killing a Washington, D.C., yoga teacher told police that she was suicidal and killed herself, according to new documents filed in the case.

Dat crazy bitch done murdered herself.

6666The latest victim of vibrancy. 

Adrian Duane Johnson was arraigned in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon. He is accused of killing Tricia McCauley, 46, who was reported missing over the Christmas holiday. McCauley was found strangled in her car early Tuesday morning.

6666                   This photo was taken of Mr. Johnson while he was on his way to church to turn his life around. 

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Support For Merkel’s Fiki Fiki Party Crumbling

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Who knew, even among Germans support for the Rape Party of Angela Merkel seems to be dropping off sharply. This is of course, totally unfair as nobody could have predicted that importing millions of young Moslem men would result in rape and terrorism. It’s just like a natural disaster or an act of God, she just needs a little more time to figure it out.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been punished for her open door refugee policy as new figures show support for her conservative CDU party continuing to crumble.

Oh I wouldn’t call that punishment. That comes later.

With 434,019 members at the end of last month the CDU has now slipped behind the social democrats with 13,000 people tearing up their party cards this year.
Many of them switched to the hard-right anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Geez, a few thousand bad apples rape girls, murder, rob…

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Kikes Try to Dictate to Trump: Get BTFO

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The Jews and cucked out whites who support them seem to have this idea that once Trump takes over, it will be smooth sailing for Israel ordering around the U.S.. I don’t really see it playing out that way. For one thing, it wasn’t a coincidence that Trump, unlike every other Presidential candidate ever in modern history, didn’t make the mandatory trip during his campaign to cry at that stupid wall. One thing about Jews though, they don’t take hints well. It doesn’t matter though, sooner or later they will get the message. I don’t think Trump is necessarily hostile to any foreign government but the days of putting ANY foreign government’s interests ahead of our own are over and yes, that includes Israel. 

A senior member of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team and a delegation of US Republican and European lawmakers canceled a briefing Thursday with Israel’s Deputy Foreign…

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