Race War

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

By now, any of you reading this are aware of the latest incident of blacks attacking a mentally retarded white man and torturing him for days. This topic is still largely being played down in the American media but it’s trending all over social media. As usual, it’s up to the people to be their own press. I’ve been posting on Gab about this in the context of race war and already I’m getting feedback of, “Not all blacks!” and “Let’s focus on the Moslems!”.

6666Race war? What race war? These are just misguided teens who are suffering the effects of liberal policies.

It is amazing to me, the human ability to deny reality when it presents itself in the form of something unpleasant. When I watched The Greatest Story Never Told and got to the part about how the Red Army raped to death all these women and children…

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